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Dedicated to Your Mental Health Needs

Healthy Hearts & Minds is dedicated to serving the needs of adults, adolescents and seniors who are struggling with a variety of mental health disorders and need personalized treatment to improve their lives.

At Healthy Hearts & Minds we believe that therapy is a journey to a healthy and fulfilling life. A journey where you learn how to find, redevelop and accept yourself. To accomplish this, we provide a variety of mental health services through Telehealth.

Whatever you are dealing with, let us support you in your mental health journey.

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Compassionate &
Experienced Team

The professionals at Healthy Hearts & Minds consist of prescribers, psychotherapists, social workers, mental health therapists, marriage and family therapists and registered interns working under the guidance, direction and training of our clinical director. Our providers are licensed, background checked, and have received ongoing evidence-based training to improve cultural humility and responsiveness.

Our compassionate and experienced team provides the highest level of care in a compassionate, encouraging and person-centered environment. We strive to connect with each patient and guide them to a happy and healthy life.

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Our Approach

Appointments will take place virtually and in the comfort of your home. We provide you with a safe space to create a strong therapeutic relationship, one in which you can feel safe and supported. We use cognitive and integrative approaches to create awareness and meet individuals where they are by using a person centered approach. We believe that you are the only expert in your own life and with the appropriate tools will take the leading role. Through supportive, collaborative and interactive sessions we help you gain greater insight, change your perspective, adopt new behaviors and connect with others.

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