Finding Self-Love Amidst Depression

self love Depression is hard, and living with the symptoms of a depressive disorder can make it difficult to see the beauty in yourself and the world around you. Without self-love, it can be difficult to find the motivation to pull yourself up and push through challenging times. With these tips, you can start to love yourself through depression and work toward brighter, happier days.

“The journey isn’t about becoming a different person; it’s about loving who you are right now.” – Suzanne Heyn

This quote sums everything up in one sentence. There is no need to change who you are to get out of your current depressed state of mind; it is about knowing who you are and loving every part of you — and knowing when to reach out for help.

There is no better time than now to start loving yourself by engaging in one, two, or all of the following self-love activities:


Writing down your dreams, positive affirmations, and everything you love about yourself helps reinforce these feelings. Expressive writing can help you deal with stressful events, improve your mental health, and constantly remind you why you love yourself.

If you struggle with self-love, start a gratitude journal. Write down a short list of things you are grateful for every day. It may be your pet, fresh air, a hot cup of coffee — anything that brings positivity into your life, however small it may seem, counts.

Learn To Counter Your Inner Critic

Reframing negative thoughts into positive ones can be helpful on your self-love journey. Instead of thinking something like, “I’ll never be able to do this,” try thinking, “This feels really hard, and I’m worried I can’t do it, but I know I can try my best and ask for help if I need it.”

Treat Yourself

It’s important to combat depression with self-care, and sometimes, that includes indulging in things like a spa day, new outfit, or good meal at your favorite restaurant. Do things that you love (or used to love doing) to remind yourself that you’re worth it despite the negative emotions you’re battling.

Setting New, Attainable Goals

New goals give you something to focus on; taking your mind off depressive thoughts and keeping them real gives you a sense of accomplishment when crossing them out. This could be learning a new language, trying a new workout routine, or taking up a new hobby. Small, consistent goals

Learning how to love yourself can dramatically improve your mood. We strive to help our clients learn more about self-love and how it can help their depression. We would love to help you. Contact us at Healthy Hearts and Minds to schedule an online appointment to discuss virtual therapy for depression.

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