Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention can be considered emergency first aid for mental health. A crisis is defined as an overwhelming event, which can include divorce, violence, the passing of a loved one, or the discovery of a serious illness. A crisis may occur when an individual is unable to deal effectively with stressful events or changes in the environment. A stressful event alone does not constitute a crisis; rather, crisis is determined by the individual’s view of the event and response to it. An event can be so exhausting and deteriorating that it may push the individual toward psychological distress, a state of crisis.

Crisis intervention is a short-term management technique designed to reduce potential permanent damage to an individual affected by a crisis. It has several purposes. It aims to: Reduce the intensity of an individual's emotional, mental, physical and behavioral reactions to a crisis and help individuals return to their level of functioning before the crisis.

Our team is trained to provide services to individuals in crisis. We can assist an individual or group in crisis by providing immediate intervention. Our primary goals in a crisis are to identify, assess, and intervene; to return the individual to his/her prior level of functioning as quickly as possible; and to lessen any negative impact on future mental health. Sometimes during this process, new skills and coping mechanisms are acquired, resulting in change. Even though crisis can be very distressing, they truly hold the opportunity for change.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis please reach out to us. We want to help. We offer a caring and compassionate 24/7 crisis intervention service. Anytime, anywhere.

Crisis intervention phone number: 754-777-0952

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Crisis Intervention:

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