Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is the equivalent to a physical examination but for your mental health. It’s the process of gathering information about a person within a psychiatric service, with the purpose of making a diagnosis and developing personalized mental health care. This evaluation will explore many aspects including medical and family history, social and environmental influences, school or work concerns, and emotional and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. A psychiatric evaluation is usually the first stage of a treatment process. Through a psychiatric assessment, a person can get the help needed for a mental illness without feeling embarrassed or judged.

Our prescribers can diagnose your condition, prescribe medication and monitor your progress.

Healthy Hearts & Mind offers evidence based treatment plans that all providers have been professionally trained in. You will receive top level care and consistent treatment with any of our providers. If you or a loved one is having behavioral issues, a psychiatric evaluation can properly diagnose you and a successful treatment plan will be created to help you get your life back.

What To Expect During a Psychiatric Evaluation

Although the term can sound intimidating, a psychiatric evaluation is a conversation between you and your prospective therapist. It is an opportunity to discuss your symptoms and concerns, so your therapist can better understand your needs and help establish therapy goals.

During the evaluation, your therapist will likely start the conversation by asking what made you reach out to them. This is a free space for you to speak about anything concerning you. Whether you have been dealing with signs of depression, a recurring mood disorder, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, or anything else, you should be open about this to help the therapist develop a plan of action.

During your psychiatric evaluation, your therapist may ask you specific questions to screen for symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other disorders. Doing so allows them to gain insight about the range of your symptoms and better understand how they can best serve you.

During a psychiatric evaluation, your therapist is not judging you, and there are no wrong answers. Your therapist is there to help and support you, so it’s best to be completely honest about your feelings — even if they change frequently or are difficult to discuss.

Can You Diagnose Depression During a Psychiatric Evaluation?

Mental health diagnoses take time, but we can perform a preliminary screening for depression to determine if your symptoms meet the criteria for a clinical diagnosis. Depression can be seasonal, related to another disorder, occur on its own, or come and go. Over time, your therapist can make a formal diagnosis as they learn more about you and your experience with your symptoms.

Remember that even if you are not diagnosed immediately, you can still receive help. The first step toward feeling better is reaching out and connecting with a professional like one of the trained, compassionate therapists on our team.

Virtual Mental Health Assessments in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida

Visiting a therapist’s office is a major step, and it can be intimidating to reach out for the first time. Sometimes, people also lack access to transportation or the ability to take off work for an appointment. This is where telehealth is so valuable — you can receive a virtual mental health assessment in Maryland, Virginia, or Florida by one of our therapists from the comfort of your home or anywhere with privacy and a reliable internet connection.

We aim to make mental health treatment as accessible as possible. Your online mental health screening will work the same as in person, with the added benefit of being in your own home (or even your car).

These assessments generally take under an hour and can offer insight into your struggles. After the assessment, your therapist will suggest different treatment plans and goals depending on your needs.

Your online mental health assessment is 100% secure and confidential.

Can I Get a Screening for My Loved One?

It’s natural to want to help those you care about, especially when you know their mental health is suffering. However, we cannot diagnose anyone without personally discussing their symptoms with them. This can be extremely difficult for friends and family whose loved ones may not be fully aware of their symptoms or believe them to be an issue.

While we can only screen someone who is present during the assessment, we can certainly help you by offering information, education, and advice on how to help your loved one better.

Coping with a loved one’s mental health issues can also be emotionally exhausting. You may benefit from speaking with a therapist who can support you during this challenging time.

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Healthy Hearts & Mind offers evidence-based treatment plans that all providers have been professionally trained in. You will receive top-level care and consistent treatment with any of our providers.

If you are having mental or behavioral issues, a psychiatric evaluation can properly diagnose you, and a successful treatment plan will be created to help you get your life back.

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