Healthy Hearts & Minds, LLC is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 3 ratings.

Going to therapy has never been easier for me. I've finally been able to find a therapist who understands me and doesn't rush me. My therapist is an excellent listener, very intuitive and understanding. I have benefited a lot from our sessions and would recommend her to anyone seeking practical advice and compassion from their therapist.

Devon, 43

What I got from Healthy Hearts & Minds was clearly therapy and clearly effective. The level of connection I had with my therapist was only subtly different from the connection I had with a previous therapist I saw in person. I often forgot I was using an online format; to me, it was just "going to therapy." I was honestly surprised by how familiar online therapy felt.

Jenna, 29

Not only has online therapy felt authentic, I think it's actually been a little more effective than my few rounds of in person therapy in the past. One reason is the convenience of being home takes away from the hassle of going to an office. Another reason is that each round of therapy builds upon the previous round and I've clicked so much with my therapist and the tools she uses.

Michael, 32

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